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In our company MenKai Comercial S.L., we seek customer satisfaction by designing, searching, and offering quality products such as Purses, Wallets, Bags, Messenger Bags, Backpacks, T-shirts, Jewelery, Footwear, among others.


To make your orders it is very easy, if you want to pay with a credit card, you will have to take the products you want to the cart, fill out the information they ask for, such as billing, shipping and finally pay, once we receive your order, We proceed to confirm it, prepare it to send it later.


You take note of your order, you send it to us by WhatsApp (+34627598950), we calculate the total, we send you a bank account number, you make the transfer, send the receipt. Finally we will proceed with the preparation and shipment of your merchandise, super simple!

PURSES – (Click here).

These items, for their price, are the most recommended to try or surely make a profit easily, they sell quite well, desired for gifts as for personal use. Try them and you will see the success of your business.

WALLETS – (Click here).

Our wallets, those for boys and girls, are made with an RFID protection system, which allows us to take care of thieves. Recall that up to 20€, we are not asked for the key of the cards, so some thugs try to get away with using a dataphone robbing people in the subway or events where there are many people to go unnoticed. That is why with our wallets you will forget about this topic and you can carry your documents, money and even family photographs in them. These, like all the products we design, we take the time to carry the art in them offering a special item, a promise of sale.

HANDBAGS – (Click here).

The bags, backpacks and shoulder bags that we design are full of creativity, we make them with a lot of imagination by printing art on each one of them. You will find different patterns that allow you to connect with each and every person who sees them. A best seller.

OTHERS – (Click here).

In addition to traditional accessories, we design fans, notebooks, jewelry, clothing and more. Each and every one of them has been designed and / or found so that you have special products with which you will be successful in your business.